Atlanta ranked third worst for overworked / work-life balance

It seems Atlantans don’t do very well balancing work and private life. In fact, according to data from Kisi keyless security experts, Atlanta ranked third worst on the list of top cities for healthy work-life balance, released August 7.

San Diego was named the city with the best work-life balance, followed by Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco. At the bottom of the list, Washington, D.C., and Houston were the worst and second-worst at juggling job duties and family and leisure, landing them on Kisi’s list of “most overworked” cities. Atlanta was next on the “too many hours, too much commute, not enough health care” list, ahead of Seattle in fourth and Chicago in fifth.

The study strictly addressed work-life balance, looking at factors such as work intensity, social spending as a percentage of GDP and access to mental health for each of the 40 cities it ranked. It also gauged how society and institutions addressed gender and LGBT equality.

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